Our Story

American Fidelity has helped customers make informed financial and coverage decisions since 1960. This history of serving has built the foundation for our retirement service offerings.

Our customers need continued support when they move from working to retirement status—including aspects of retirement planning. At American Fidelity Retirement Services, we bring an education-focused, customer-first approach to retirement planning, featuring Medicare and non-Medicare plans, along with financial services.

Woman discussing their retirement plans with her friends.

Who We Are

Too often, others start with products. At American Fidelity Retirement Services, we start with people.

We begin with your needs and respond with education and advocacy so you have control.
We believe that when you attain the right knowledge, you have the power to plan and build a better future.

Bridging the gap to retirement

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive and innovative retirement planning solutions to help our customers bridge the gap between working and retiring. We specialize in retirement education, tools, and products that give our customers the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their retirement.
We are committed to helping our customers achieve their retirement goals and providing them with the resources they need to enjoy their retirement.